Exclusive Visa-Free Travel: New Zealand to China Revealed!

Exclusive Visa-Free Travel: New Zealand to China Revealed!

China has unveiled plans to grant visa-free travel to New Zealand citizens. Premier Li Qiang announced this move during his official visit to New Zealand on June 13. This move marks a significant shift in the travel dynamics between the two nations. Currently, both Chinese and New Zealand citizens need visas to enter each other’s countries, but this change is set to foster closer ties and enhance bilateral cooperation.

Visa-Free Travel Initiative: A New Era for China and New Zealand

China is set to lift visa requirements for New Zealanders, aiming to boost tourism and bilateral exchanges. This policy shift comes amidst China's broader efforts to relax travel restrictions for several countries, positioning itself as a more accessible destination for foreign tourists.

Current Visa Requirements

At present, Chinese and New Zealand citizens must obtain traditional visas to enter each other’s countries unless they possess an APEC business card. This initiative will significantly simplify the travel process for New Zealanders.

Premier Li Qiang's Announcement

During his visit, Premier Li Qiang emphasized China's willingness to consider additional measures to ease travel between the two nations. This could include further initiatives to facilitate two-way travel and enhance mutual understanding.

New Zealand’s Role in Cultural Exchange

New Zealand plans to promote Chinese language teaching and cultural exchanges through Confucius Institutes. This initiative aims to foster a deeper cultural connection and mutual understanding between the two nations.

Confucius Institutes: Bridging Cultural Gaps

In New Zealand, Confucius Institutes are essential for advancing Chinese language and culture. By enhancing these programs, New Zealand aims to strengthen its cultural ties with China.

Enhancing Mutual Understanding

Given the different national realities and development stages, both nations acknowledge the importance of overcoming differences to foster cooperation and exchanges.

High-Level Discussions and Agreements

Premier Li Qiang’s visit resulted in several high-level discussions and agreements with New Zealand Prime Minister Christopher Luxon. These discussions covered various topics, including trade, climate change, and human rights.

Trade and Economic Cooperation

The talks highlighted the importance of strengthening trade and economic ties between China and New Zealand. Both nations are keen to explore new opportunities for collaboration.

Addressing Human Rights Concerns

Prime Minister Luxon emphasized New Zealand’s core values, including human rights and foreign interference, during his discussions with Premier Li.

New Zealand’s Powerful Passport

As of June 24, New Zealand’s passport ranks as the world’s 30th most powerful passport, according to the VisaGuide Passport Index. This allows New Zealanders visa-free access to 148 countries and territories worldwide.

Visa-Free Access for New Zealanders

The power of New Zealand’s passport means its citizens can travel to numerous countries without a visa. However, China has been an exception, requiring a traditional visa.

Impact of the New Policy

The new visa-free policy for New Zealanders is expected to enhance travel and tourism, benefiting both nations economically and culturally.

China’s Evolving Visa Policies

China has been progressively updating its visa requirements for various countries to boost tourism and trade. Recent changes include extending visa-free entry for several European countries and lifting visa requirements for foreign tour groups entering via cruise ships.

Visa-Free Entry for European Countries

In May 2024, China extended visa-free entry for citizens of 12 European countries, allowing them to stay for up to 15 days for business, tourism, and other purposes.

Cruise Ship Tourists

From May 15, 2024, foreign tour groups entering China through cruise ships can travel visa-free for up to 15 days, further boosting tourism.

Increased Tourism and Economic Impact

The recent visa policies have led to an increase in tourist numbers, with the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) predicting that China will surpass pre-pandemic levels in tourism revenues.

Economic Benefits

These visa policies are expected to bring significant economic benefits, boost China's tourism industry and foster international trade.

Tourism Growth

With eased visa restrictions, China is poised to see a surge in international visitors, contributing to its economic growth and global tourism footprint.


China’s plan to grant visa-free travel to New Zealanders is a significant step towards enhancing bilateral relations. This initiative, along with other recent visa policy changes, is expected to boost tourism, cultural exchanges, and economic cooperation between China and New Zealand.


  • What is the new visa policy between China and New Zealand?

    China plans to grant visa-free travel to New Zealand citizens, simplifying travel and enhancing bilateral relations.

  • Why is China lifting visa requirements for New Zealanders?

    The goal of this project is to increase tourism and fortify the two countries' cultural and economic relations.

  • What other countries have visa-free access to China?

    China has extended visa-free entry to 12 European countries and foreign tour groups entering via cruise ships.

  • How powerful is New Zealand’s passport?

    New Zealand’s passport ranks as the 30th most powerful, allowing visa-free travel to 148 countries and territories.

  • What are Confucius Institutes?

    Confucius Institutes promote the Chinese language and culture abroad, which is key in enhancing cultural ties.

  • How will this policy impact tourism?

    The visa-free policy is expected to increase tourist numbers and boost economic growth in both China and New Zealand.

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