Visa-Free China Travel for 5 EU Nations from Dec 1

Announcing a landmark temporary policy shift, China has enabled visa-free entry for citizens of France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Spain seeking to undertake short visits.

Visa-Free China Travel for 5 EU Nations from Dec 1

Slated to benefit tourism and business stakeholders, the relaxed regulations permit European travelers visa-free access to China for 15 days for purposes like sightseeing, exploring opportunities and connecting with family.

Visa-Free Entry from December 1st Till End of 2024

According to China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Mao Ning, passport holders from the 5 designated EU member states can enter and stay in China without visas from December 1st, 2023 till November 30, 2024.

The trial program allows them to freely enter China's mainland for up to 15 days for tourism, transit, conducting business or visiting relatives.

Move Hailed by EU Representatives as Milestone

Ambassadors and policymakers from European Union nations welcomed the development as it enables expanded direct engagement between EU citizens and China through unconstrained travel.

Germany Supports Expansion of Policy Across EU

Germany's envoy to China, Ambassador Patricia Flor, appreciated the step to drastically ease mobility for German travelers. She expressed hope that China would extend this facility without visas to all 27 EU countries over time.

France Terms it "Excellent Announcement"

Catherine Colonna, Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs for France, described the initiative as an excellent announcement that would facilitate tourism and strengthen bilateral ties.

Business Groups Hope for Increased Trade

Industry organizations like the European Union Chamber of Commerce also voiced positive opinions. They anticipate the hassle-free entry to drive greater business participation and boost confidence for investors eying the lucrative Chinese market.

China Aims to Revive Domestic Tourism with Move

While enabling European visitors unrestricted access, China also seeks to leverage this opportunity to resuscitate its local tourism sector which flailed massively amid the demand slump triggered by the pandemic.

Hospitality Sector Poised for Growth

By opening doors to some of the world's richest economies like Germany, Italy and France, China aims to stimulate spending on local travel experiences, hotels and shopping - creating a multiplier effect on jobs and related sectors.

Gradual, Long-term Opening-Up to Foreign Visitors Likely

Reports suggest that with this initial visa relaxation policy targeted at 5 nations, China may look to progressively expand similar exemptions to other European countries later on if past patterns are considered.


As globalization picks up pace after the pandemic-induced lull, China's attempts towards visa-barrier reductions for EU member states signal its focus on revving up tourism, trade and investments via high-standard opening-up policies benefiting both domestic and overseas stakeholders over the long term.

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  1. Which European Union countries are eligible for visa-free travel to China from December 1?

Citizens of France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Spain are eligible for visa-free entry into China starting from December 1.

  1. What is the duration of stay permitted under this visa-free policy?

Travelers from the mentioned EU countries can stay in China for up to 15 days without requiring a visa. This allows for various purposes like tourism, business activities, family visits, or transit.

  1. How long will this visa exemption be in effect?

The visa-free travel for citizens of France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Spain will apply from December 1, 2023, to November 30, 2024. However, it's crucial to note that this policy is on a trial basis and subject to change.

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